Network Security and Support

How do I secure my Network?
The best way to secure your network is to create a unique password for your router, accordings to Managed IT Services. It should be a long one that contains numbers, letters, and a bunch of characters. Whenever the router asks for an update, you should do it immediately. Besides, it won’t take that long and it will help secure your network. You can never tell what will happen when outsiders end up getting in your network. Another way to do it would be to change the network name. When you are in a place with many networks, a lot will pop up and you can become creative and funny with the network name. When other people see the list of network names, they will never be able to guess which one is yours. One common way to secure your network would be to change your password all the time. In fact, it should be changed at least once a month. After all, it won’t take you five minutes to do that unless you spend a lot of time thinking of a new password which should not be done.


Why is network security required?
If you don’t have network security then you will fall victim to sabotage. There is also a possibility that your data will get stolen. When that happens, it will only be a matter of time before everything you worked hard for will get stolen right before your very eyes. There will be nothing you can do about it except regret so better secure the network before something bad happens. There are some really good hackers in this world so better not underestimate their capabilities. In this situation, it is indeed a lot better to be safe than sorry.

How do I secure my office network?
You can create some folders that can only be accessed by your colleagues. You can put passwords for these folders so outsiders won’t be able to access them. There will be a lot of ports in your office and you must secure them yourself. You must not let your colleagues do that for you as they will be able to access folders that they should not be able to access. You should learn how to do it as it won’t be that hard. Perhaps, the most important thing to do would be to encrypt your WiFi as that won’t automatically happen. If you don’t then it is possible anybody can access your WiFi and your Internet connection will get slow.

What is Home Network Security?
It refers to protecting the Internet in your home from hackers. This is pretty important due to the many devices that are connected to your home’s Internet connection. Not only will a bunch of smartphones will be connected to it at the same time but a lot of TVs will be too. That includes gaming systems that kids will use for a number of hours. In fact, it is possible some people are connected to the Internet without even knowing.